I create hard edge abstract paintings  that juxtapose Minimalism and Maximalism - many of the geometric shapes that I paint reference Minimalism, but my palette makes my work look just as “at home” in a Maximalist setting.  I love making both figurative and abstract work, so I don't follow a formula or algorithm to avoid prematurely forcing  an outcome. Instead, I  follow my thoughts and paint what they guide me to create. The result can vary greatly from one day to the next, but it always nods to the past and speaks to the future in a way that is all its own. 

I majored in Studio Art and Art History at The College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, where the majority of my work was focused around painting and printmaking. I moved to New York in 2010, and I am inspired by the seemingly limitless marriages of form, texture, and color that I see daily. 

I work with designers, art consultants, and collectors, creating  paintings for both residential and commercial settings.  My work complements luxurious homes designed by some of the country's most renowned designers, including Ashe Leandro and Kelly Hurliman, and it can also be found in commercial spaces. Much of 2020 was spent creating work for two Kimpton Hotel properties; each of the 144 rooms at the Kimpton Bannekar, located at DuPont Circle in Washington DC(set to open in April of 2021)will feature original paintings that I created for the space and/or prints made from them, and it can also be found in the lobby of the new Kimpton Alton in the heart of San Francisco(opened late 2020).

The majority of my work is commissioned, and I am always happy to create renderings for potential clients before starting on a full size painting for them so that they know at the beginning of the process that the piece will look like it was made for their space (because it was). The end result is a bespoke painting that seamlessly integrates into  his or her home or business. Please let me know if I can be of help. If you are interested in a piece that has been sold, I'll be happy to create something similar for you in the size and color palette that will best suit your home.

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