I create hard edge abstract paintings  that juxtapose Minimalism and Maximalism - many of the geometric shapes that I paint reference Minimalism, but my palette makes my work look just as “at home” in a Maximalist setting.  I don't subscribe to any one specific technique; I love making both figurative and abstract work, and I feel that my best work happens when I am at ease with it. Instead of following a formula and prematurely forcing  an outcome, I  follow my thoughts and paint what they guide me to create. The result nods to the past and speaks to the future in a way that is all its own. 

I majored in Studio Art and Art History at The College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, where the majority of my work was focused around painting and printmaking. I moved to New York in 2010, and I am inspired by the seemingly limitless marriages of form, texture, and color that I see daily. 

I work with designers, art consultants, and collectors, creating  paintings for both residential and commercial settings. If you are interested in a piece that has been sold, I'll be happy to create something similar for you in the size and color palette that will best suit your space.

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